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Licensed Professional Home Inspector

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A Safe Home Inspection, LLC

First-Time Home Buyer Specialist

Safety / Energy / Maintenance Consultant
Radon Specialist

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
Certified Inspector #262457
NOVA ASHI : Northern Virginia Chapter American Society of Home Inspectors
VA Lic #3380000812
Maryland License Regulation Lookup
MD Lic #32825
AHIT - American Home Inspectors Training : Certified
Certified Professional Inspector:
Virginia, Maryland, D.C.
We Pledge Honesty Integrity and Confidentiality
is Priority one!
NRSB - National Radon Safety Board
Radon Measurement Specialist:
NOVA ASHI : Northern Virginia Chapter American Society of Home Inspectors
Safety and Maintenance
First Time Home Buyer Specialist
Extra Time to Explain How Your Home Works!

Shane is the best! He wants you to thoroughly inspect your home, but also teach you how to best take care of it. Friendly, thoughtful and meticulous-a great experience on both homes he inspected, and well worth the $. Thanks Shane!

P.S., Redfin

A Safe Home Inspection

Because A SAFE HOME is Priority One!

What We Do:

Follow us along on the journey of discovery of your home…
Not just an Inspection, but a journey of discovery and education!

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Home Inspections:

For Our Clients:

  • Buying a Home
  • Selling a Home
  • Pre-Offer
  • Pre-Listing
  • First-time Buyer
  • Report by next morning!* *(for most homes)
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Shane should be your go-to person for home inspections, without exception. Shane did an extremely thorough inspection of our property, and he produced a detailed report with pictures and explanations by coffee the next morning. Shane partnered with us the day of the inspection, explained what he was doing, answered all of our questions, and explained his findings in detail. Shane also provided maintenance tips to keep our property in good condition. Shane is also a very nice guy! I highly recommend Shane for your home inspection needs.

J.L., Home Gauge

What We Do | Home Inspection Diagram

Shane was AWESOME and is 100 percent the person you need to hire (NO question about it). I have “tried” to join inspectors when they did their inspections and they pretty much said it will all be in the report so I did not need to join them. That was concerning as I did not understand fully what was in their report which led to follow-up e-mails and phone calls (BASICALLY WASTED TIME). Additionally, I did not get to learn about the houses I was buying. Shane is TOTALLY different as he WANTS YOU to join him as he does his inspections. Not only is he GREAT at his job, he imparts wisdom that money CANNOT buy. As I walked with him on the inspection, I was able to take notes and learn all kinds of things about the house. When I received the report the next morning, I was able to understand 100 percent what was in the report (NO WASTED TIME). Do NOT and I say again, DO NOT hire anyone else to do your inspection(s). Shane is worth every penny you spend and then some.

C.H., Yelp


Safety /Energy / Maintenance CONSULTATIONS:

  • Is your home Safe?
  • Do you have High energy bills?
  • What Maintenance does your home need to save $$ ?
  • Advice and Education from an expert!
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Radon Testing:

  • All Tests Non-Destructive
  • Advice and Education
  • EPA Information explaining the risks and hazards
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If you really want to learn on how to maintain and take care of your home in addition to the inspection, Shane is the person to go to. He did a very detailed inspection and at the same time explained all the tip and tricks that could help you reduce the maintenance fees of your home. Is great to work with, very personable, has amazing knowledge and answers any of your questions very patiently. Don’t be tempted to go for other inspectors if you find for lesser cost, the value that Shane provides is hard to match by others. Even his report is extremely detailed with many pictures that help explain everything very clear. I am very happy going with Shane for my first home inspection.

C.S., Yelp

How We Do Inspections and Why

A Safe Home Inspection

  • Who are we?
  • Why use us?
  • Code of Ethics?
  • Standards of Practice?
  • What we check?
  • What is the process?

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Indoor Air Quality, IAQ, Radon, Mold, Asbestos

Indoor Air Quality

  • What is Indoor Air Quality?
  • RADON, isn’t that a bunch of hooey?
  • Good mold, Bad mold, Green mold, Black mold. Sounds like a crazy Dr Seuss book?
  • Asbestos & Lead, they still use that?

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Home Inspection Myths Debunked

Myths Debunked

  • Every issue will be in the report?
  • Home Inspection, Appraisal, Code Inspection: are these not the same?
  • Once done, now I know everything?
  • All Certifications are equal?

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Thanks to Shane I discovered that this home was not the one for me. It was totally worth the cost to identify the risks and issues that this home came with. 

E.B., Redfin

Shane has a great attitude when approaching home inspection. He is reasonable and thoughtful in offering advice and suggestions on paths forward when there are major findings. He was on-time, courteous, efficient and thorough. 

J.T., Home Gauge

Shane was very thorough during the inspection and took the time to explain each and every detail of what he was doing. His report after the inspection absolutely reinforced what was done during the physical inspection and included recommendations for all repairs and replacements. Being a first time home buyer, this was very much appreciated. I would definitely recommend Shane for your home inspection. 

L.H., Redfin

Shane is very diligent and keen on details. He is also responsive and made sure that we are on the same page about all his findings and suggestions. His report was also clean and easy to follow.

S.A., Redfin

Shane was very knowledgeable about every part of the inspection. He also gave tips on routine maintenance. Very pleased with the service. 

K.U., Home Gauge

Shane McClung from A Safe Home Inspection was invited to talk with The Real Pros of DC about important features to look for when purchasing a home, and hidden potential dangers that are easy to fix.

Shane was extremely helpful and we could not have had a better inspector. Even after we moved in and had questions, Shane was more than happy to help. I highly recommend him.

D.O., Redfin

Shane is very helpful and detailed oriented. He explains complicated things in an easily understandable manner. He takes time and continues to provide excellent customer service even after the inspection was completed.


Very thorough and detailed report. Very helpful to help us feel informed about our purchase.

E.D., Redfin

Shane’s assessment gave me the peace of mind that this home was a great investment with little repair costs. Thank you so much! I will definitely refer Shane to other homeowners to be. 

E.B., Redfin

Shane was great to work with – very thorough, always on time, and provided a very detailed report. I would strongly recommend his services.

N.D., Redfin

Shane is awesome!!! He does a very thorough job and explains everything he sees that needs attention. In our case, much electrical work was needed and seller agreed to cover the cost. Having had a bad experience with a Home Inspection several years ago, we were extremely impressed with Shane and I would highly recommend him!

C.B., Redfin

Shane is very, very thorough and professional.  He gave our prospective home a really detailed review and came back with a clear list of items to fix.  He also provided us with a plan for maintaining the house.  We left feeling great about our purchase with a solid plan for how to address the issues he uncovered.  I recommend Shane without reservation.

J.F., Yelp

Why Use “A Safe Home Inspection”

Very honest and knowledgeable. Would work with him again.

K.D., Home Gauge

What Makes US Different

  • Web Based Reports
    • Get your report online with Pictures and Video
    • *By next morning for most homes
  • Over 3000 Hours of Experience and Training
  • First-time Home Buyer Friendly
  • Extra time to answer all questions
  • Unique Specialized Background
  • Strict Code of Ethics
  • Strict Standards of Practice
  • Certified and Licensed

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Shane was very thorough, spent a lot of time explaining every finding as well as when/why preventative maintenance should be conducted. Huge plus having an engineering background. Definitely would recommend Shane to friends/family.

T.M., Redfin

Most detailed and comprehensive home inspection report I have ever seen. Outstanding job!

H.C., Home Gauge


What We Check

  • Safety Items
  • Roofing
  • Exterior
  • Structure
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Interiors
  • Ventilation/Insulation
  • Fireplaces
  • Built-in Kitchen Appliances
  • Garages
  • Attics
  • Crawlspaces
  • …and more: Everything we can observe!
A Safe Home Inspection, LLC